A branch centre of Ramakrishna Mission, Belur Math, Howrah, W.B, 711202

School Infrastructure

Bifurcation of the School Hours into two sections:

The school runs in two shifts. The Morning Section for girls is from 6.15 am to 10.40 am and the Day Section for the boys is from 11.15 am to 4.30 pm.

Boys School

Girls School


There are two identical hostel buildings (G+2), one each for the boys and the girls respectively, with a combined capacity of 420 students. Both the hostels are supervised by hostel wardens/ matrons and several committees consisting of our teachers supervise all the hostel activities under the guidance of a monastic member.

Prayer hall and dining hall are attached with each of the building. The attendance is mandatory in both these places and is marked by biometric systems.

Boys Hostel

Girls Hostel


To eradicate superstitions from the minds of these students as well as for increasing interest for study of science, the laboratories have been introduced from the class VI standard itself. This institution is proud to have the most modern laboratories for most of the subjects and only a few Departments viz. History, Philosophy and Political Sc. are yet to have laboratories. 

Special Features:

  1. The Geography Lab. does projects on Soil Testing.
  2. Jointly the Geography and the Biology Lab made a project “How to save Elephants from Railway Accidents”. 
  3. Students are taught to detect “Blood Group” in Biology Lab
  4. Project on ‘Touch Me Not’ – plant has been done in Bio Lab
  5. The Chemistry Dept. has taken up a project of preparing sanitizers under the guidance of C.G.C.R.I, Kolkata.
  6. The Computer Application Lab makes Drones and Robots which has been appreciated by the Police Dept.
  7. Aryabhatta Mathematics Laboratory has commenced working since August 2019. 
  8. Kalidas Language Lab: It is a computer based laboratory with internet facility. This laboratory is used to develop the listening, speaking, reading and writing skills of the students in four languages, viz, Sanskrit, English, Bengali, and Santhali. It also contains some CD’s and more than 40 short videos in these four languages. Apart from these, there is also an English language learning software installed in the lab.

Classroom Library

Classroom library is one of the attractive initiatives of our school, where a student do not need to go to the main library to get a text book or the book for reference. Each classroom has its own small library which contains text books, reference books and dictionary. The classroom library is maintained and supervised by the students, mainly the monitor of the class.

Theme based classrooms

The classrooms are made lively and attractive by painting its walls with thematic content. For example, we have,

  1. Nature Classroom
  2. Deshbandhu Kaksha
  3. Birsha Munda Kaksha
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